Monday, November 17, 2014

How to Price Match Amazon at Walmart!

How To Price Match Amazon At Walmart

We are at the beginning of a very exciting time to be a frugal shopper at Walmart because of the fact that we can now price match Amazon and other online retailers in store.

There are still a LOT of wrinkles to be ironed out and my Walmart Ad Match and Coupon Deal Sharing room is going absolutely nuts with people posting fantastic hauls from Walmart but there are also a lot of questions tat people have that need to be answered.

By far my favorite question was “What’s the site for amazon?”  I really didn’t know how to even answer that one.

But the other question we’ve been getting is what exactly is the process you go through in store to find those Amazon prices in store and hopefully the video above will help you with that procedure.

Unfortunately, we still don’t have confirmation on whether you can price match 3rd party sellers and it seems to be left in the hands of the individual store managers.

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How to Price Match Amazon at Walmart!

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